There are thirteen colleagues on the PMO team including two programme managers, integrated leads, co-ordinators and project managers supporting the integration of activities across SETU, bringing the new university to life.

The PMO works directly with the President and members of the EMT and a wider network of almost seventy PMO partners and a Change Network of volunteers from across all areas of the university.

As the SETU merger plan tasks and activities are completed and mainstreamed, the PMO is increasingly focused on High Impact SETU Projects or HIPs: strategically important university projects that have an SETU project planning and change management approach and support structure.

The Programme management office team:

Brian Foley, SETU Programme Director

Brian is SETU Programme Director and has been in the PMO since its commencement in 2020. Before joining the PMO, he was Industry Services Manager at Waterford Institute of Technology, where his role was to support industry and entrepreneurs in accessing the research, innovation and education capacities of the Institute. He has also held project management roles in The Walton Institute, including that of EU Quality Manager.

Email: [email protected] | College Street Campus, Waterford

David Ryan, SETU Programme Director

David is SETU Programme Director and has been based on the Kilkenny Road Campus, Carlow since 2000. His background is in applied environmental biotechnology and he previously worked at SETU as a science lecturer and PI in enviroCORE, Head of Department of Science and Health, Assistant Registrar and then as Director of Planning and Research before joining the PMO in January 2020.

Email: [email protected] | Kilkenny Road Campus, Carlow 

Martina Mullally, SETU Programme Management Office Cooordinator

Martina is SETU Programme Management Office Coordinator and has been based on the Cork Road Campus, Waterford since 2006. Her background is in Business and Teaching and Learning with a Master’s degree in Business specialising in Management and a Master’s degree in Teaching and Learning in Further and Higher Education. She previously worked at SETU as a Research Administrator, Postgraduate and Finance Administrator in the School of Education and Lifelong Learning, EU Research Project Coordinator, ICT Skills/Springboard Programme and Placement Coordinator before joining the PMO in February 2021.

Email: [email protected] | College Street Campus, Waterford

John Power, SETU Brand Manager

John is SETU Brand Manager responsible for developing brand strategies, promoting brand growth, and implementing brand plans. His background is in marketing with a Master’s degree in Corporate Reputation Management and a PhD in Customer Orientation. Before joining the PMO, he was Marketing and Outreach Officer at Waterford Institute of Technology where his role focused on developing and implementing marketing strategies and plans to support student recruitment.

Email: [email protected] | College Street Campus, Waterford

Jennifer Morrissey, SETU Research Integration Lead

Jenny is SETU Research Integration Lead and is based on both the Cork Road and the Kilkenny Road campuses. Since completing her postgraduate studies in SETU, she has worked for the past 9 years in the pharmaceutical industry. Most recently she has worked in preclinical development of complex combination products for respiratory drug delivery. Jenny is new to the role and SETU PMO starting in November 2022.

Email: [email protected] | Cork Road Campus, Waterford

Chris O’Riordan, SETU Academic Quality Integration Lead

Chris is SETU Academic Quality Integration Lead and has been based on the Cork Road Campus, Waterford since 2004. He has a background in accounting and management, having worked in industry and practice prior to joining the School of Business as a Lecturer in Accounting.

Email: [email protected] | Cork Road Campus, Waterford 

Anne-Marie Frampton, SETU Academic Administration Integration Lead

Anne-Marie is SETU Academic Administration Integration Lead. A BSc graduate of Waterford Institute of Technology, Anne-Marie joined the Institute in 2003 to project manage the design and delivery of Business Development Programmes for the SME sector. Previous to this Anne-Marie was a programme manager with Honeywell, managing Oracle Applications implementation and support programmes throughout Europe, Australia and the USA. Anne-Marie also worked with Systems Dynamics, a Dublin based IT consultancy firm, where she provided IT services to companies such as NorTel, Irish Life & Permanent and AIB Bank. In 2011 Anne-Marie was appointed Academic Administration and Student Affairs Manager in Waterford.

Email: [email protected] | Cork Road Campus, Waterford 

Colm Walsh, SETU International Integration Lead

Colm is SETU International Integration Lead having joined the University in January 2023. He has significant experience in this area having worked for the Global Office in University College Dublin (UCD) for several years.

Email: [email protected] | Cork Road Campus, Waterford

Rita Dalton, SETU Research Coordinator

Rita is SETU Research Coordinator based on the College Street Campus, Waterford. She has worked in the Research Support Unit (RSU) prior to joining the PMO in October 2020.

Email: [email protected] | College Street Campus, Waterford

Gina Noonan, Teaching and Learning Integration Lead

Gina is Teaching and Learning Integration Lead and Head of the Teaching and Learning Centre in SETU. Her background is in the area of languages, and she previously worked in SETU as a lecturer within the Faculty of Business and Humanities. She held the role of Programme Director for the BBS (Hons) in International Business and co-developed the first double degree in that area with FSH Hannover. She is currently Programme Director for the MA in Teaching and Learning. Gina joined the PMO in April 2022.

Email: [email protected] | Kilkenny Road Campus, Carlow

Muirghin Brophy, Student Support Integration Lead

Muirghin is based at the Kilkenny Road Campus, Carlow since 2012. An MSc graduate of UCD, she has a background in marketing and advertising. She previously worked in the advertising industry, managing both domestic and international brand portfolios and specialising in rebranding, sponsorship and corporate social responsibility. Previously Muirghin was Senior Marketing Communications Officer at SETU.

Email: [email protected] | Kilkenny Road Campus, Carlow