The SETU Programme Management Office (PMO) has been in operation since January 2020. Initially the PMO provided support for the TU application process including eligibility criteria preparations, the submission, HEA Landscape and TUTF applications and reporting, while also assisting with cross-campus collaboration initiatives. This phase involved eight workstreams and thirty-three working groups with hundreds of staff and students participating in a consolidated project plan putting in place the systems and processes to support the journey towards designation as the new South East Technological University (SETU).

Designation day
Post approval, and in preparation for designation day on 1 May 2022, the PMO was restructured around a series of domains of activity in academic and student, corporate, research and innovation, change and transition, identity and branding and engagement to focus on establishment day and the foundation period for the new University.

PMO, ongoing TU development
Today, our remit in the PMO is all about facilitating the ongoing development of our Technological University. It is about change, communicating and connecting people and teams, encouraging engagement and supporting communities of practice as we work together across the organisation. As a team, we maintain a university-wide perspective across all of the PMO-linked projects and activities that are bringing us closer together and will positively impact on our university, as it grows and develops.