International Day of Medical Physics 2022

Date : Mon 07 Nov

Time : 11:00 - 12:00

SETU Carlow Campus, Lecture theatre L117

Celebrate the International Day of Medical Physics 2022 at SETU - Carlow (Lecture theatre - L117) on November 7th, 2022 from 11:00 am to 12: noon.

The keynote speaker for this event is Grace O'Sullivan, Green MEP.

The International Day of Medical Physics (IDMP) is celebrated on the 7th November every year by Medical Physicists around the globe. The date was chosen by the International Organisation for Medical Physics to celebrate worldwide both the contribution of Physics to Medicine and the birthday of Marie Curie - a pioneering scientist and two-time Nobel Prize winner who is considered one of the first Medical Physicists and who was committed and dedicated to using her extensive knowledge of Physics (and Chemistry) to help and to heal the sick.

Using Physics to help and to heal patients through the treatment and diagnosis of disease remains the cornerstone of Medical Physics today.

The theme of IDMP 2022 is Medical Physics for Sustainable Healthcare.

The global Medical Physics community strongly believe that Medical Physicists have a key role to play in designing and delivering solutions in healthcare that are both sustainable and safe for our patients and our planet.