South East Technological University's brand is more than a logo. It symbolises our identity, our uniqueness, our aspirations and what we want to be know for.

As an integral part of the south east, we are also a vibrant contributor to our national and international communities, welcoming the participation of all.

Our brand is open, empowering, principled, proactive and a leader. Hear below from our students, staff and partners as they explain the story behind our brand and how we're re-imagining the south east as a place to dream, a place to learn, a place to live and a place to grow. A place with an inspiring future.


We are welcoming, approachable and accessible to all. We are inclusive in reaching out to the multiple communities that we serve.


The student is at the heart of everything we do, and we never waiver from our goal of transforming lives and re-defining what excellence looks like.


We create new and better ways to challenge ourselves and our students in the pursuit of next generation knowledge creation.

A leader

We are proactive catalysts for achievement and progress, and we adopt a strong leadership role in creating a local, national and international reputation for performance.

At South East Technological University we’ve combined culture and expertise and created something bigger, more ambitious and more transformative. Our technological university is about opportunity, possibility and inspiration. It's a place for businesses who want to transform what they do and how they do it. It's a place where we work with employer and researchers to inspire the ideas of the future. It's a place where we provide the right supports so our students can compete on the work stage and achieve their dreams. It's a place for excellence.

Excellence in sport

We’ve combined expertise and sport and created something bigger, more ambitious and more transformative. We provide the foundations so our athletes can excel in their sport.

Excellence in teaching

At SETU our approach to teaching is transformative. We’ve created a place for ambitious learners from every community. We're home to exceptional educators who bring subjects to life.

Excellence in education

We’re home to exceptional educators who will bring subjects to life and put students first. We’ve designed a range of courses across multiple campuses that combine up-to-date thinking and next-generation technology, with an approach to learning that prepares students for their next steps.

Excellence in research

SETU is a place where we work with employers and researchers to inspire the ideas of the future and put our region on the map nationally and internationally.